David International Ministries

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Welcome to the website of the David International Ministries, we are non denominational and non profit Christian organization working in different parts of the World and specially in Pakistan, Our goal is to spread the Good News around the world. 

I am so much thankful to you for coming and visiting the website of the David International Ministries, it is not just an incident that you are visiting this page, it is the plan of our Lord Jesus Christ about you, He asked you to visit this page, you may have been visiting any other social website or any sports of your interest, but you are not doing so, why? you have to think about it, Why you are on this page?  I said earlier that it is plan of God, HE have plans for all of us, HE knows what HE wants us to do in our lives for HIM, so you are here according to HIS plan, you are visiting this site because HE wants you to take part in the Work of God, take part to fulfill the Great Commission of our Lord Jesus Christ. I pray for you and welcome you in this great work.

We are working in different ways to spread Good News, You will see how God is using us to reach people, please see different activities and projects of DIM, let us work together to prepare this world for the second coming of the Lord. 



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